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Community Texts
by Subhajit Ganguly
eye 817
favorite 2
comment 0
Considering the fact that the Harappan script may have been proto-Brahmi, the underlying language to be expected should be Sanskrit, or proto-Sanskrit, or derivatives of Sanskrit. Many of the rules of evolution that apply to scripts are equivalently true for languages too. Like scripts, languages too render themselves to similar evolutionary inspections, as they too carry imprints of their journey down the ages
Topics: a study of the indus script, script, evolution of script, harappa, brahmi, mohenjo daro, harappa
Community Texts
by Sri Yamunacharya
eye 905
favorite 1
comment 0
Book: Agama Pramanyam Language: Sanskrit Author: Sri Yamunacharya Edited by: Pandit Shri Ram Mishra Shastri Printed by: Shri Rameshwar Pathak Printed at: Tara Yantralaya, Varanasi. Year of Printing: 1937 Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das on 24 June 2013.
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, agam, agama, pramanya, pramaanya, pramanyam, pramaanyam, sanskrit, yamuna,...
Community Texts
by Ajit Krishnan's
eye 1,668
favorite 2
comment 0
From Sanskrit Documents the complete  compilation of AshTAdhyAyI
Topics: sanskrit, grammar, resources, panini, ashtadhyayi, sanskrit, complete, sarvani
Community Texts
by Dr. R. Vidyanath
eye 15,760
favorite 14
comment 0
Aṣṭāṅga-hṛdyam. Original Sanskrit text in Devanagari, Eng translation. Additional informations and color illustrations.
Topics: ayurveda, astangahrdayam, samhita, aṣṭāṅga-hṛdayam, astangahrdayam, samhita,...
Community Texts
by Sri Vadiraja Tirtha
eye 3,657
favorite 1
comment 0
Book: Bhugola Varnana (A description of the universe) - English Translation Author: Sri Vadiraja Tirtha Translator: V. Badarayana Murthy Published by: Akhil Bharatiya Madhva Mahamandali, Madras. Printed at: Kamadhenu Printers, Bangalore. Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 20 July 2013.
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, bhu, gol, gola, bhugol, bhugola, varnan, varnana, varnanam, vadiraj,...
Community Texts
by Varaha Mihira
eye 31,361
favorite 16
comment 2
Book: Brihat Samhita (with English Translation) Author: Varaha Mihira Translators: Panditbhushan V. Subrahmanya Shastri, B.A. and Vidwan M. Ramkrishna Bhat Printed by: V.B. Soobbiah and Sons, M.B.D. Electronic Printing Works, Bangalore Year of Printing: 1946 Digitized by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 18 April 2013.
favoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews )
Topics: sri, shree, shri, brhat, brihat, brhata, brihata, samhita, samhitaa, sanghita, sanghitaa, sanhita,...
Community Texts
by Wikipedi Contributors
eye 20,161
favorite 5
comment 0
Chiranjivis or Nine Immortals of Hindu Myhology
Topics: Chiranjivis or Nine Immortals of Hindu Myhology, Chiranjivis, Nine Immortals of Hindu Myhology,...
Community Texts
by K. T. Pandurangi
eye 2,157
favorite 4
comment 0
This  volume  contains  82  critical  essays  on Purvamimamsa. These essays represent the lectures delivered  in  Andhra  University  and  Karnatak University and other centres of studies. Some of these essays are large (6-8 pages) while others are small (2-4 pages). This depends upon the topic concerned.
Topics: purvamimamsa, purva mimamsa
Community Texts
by Sri Narada
eye 2,299
favorite 5
comment 1
Text: Gautamiya Tantra (Sanskrit Text only) Author: Sri Narada. Language: Sanskrit (in Devanagari Typeset) Editor: Vaman Shastri Sharma. Printed at: Karnataka Press, Mumbai. Year of Printing: Saka 1811 (1889 A.D.) PDF Creation, Bookmarking and Uploading by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 30 December 2013.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 1 reviews )
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, gautamiya, gautameeya, gautamiy, gautameey, tantr, tantra, sanskrit, narad,...
Community Texts
by Swami Sarvatmananda (
eye 245
favorite 1
comment 0
Lecture Delivered by swami Sarvatmanandaji of Ramakrishna Sarada Ashram Devprayag (  on Japam and Meditation, the science behind.
Topics: Japam, Meditation, Vedanta, Ramakrishna
Community Texts
by compiled by Pitchumani,Vedic astrologer
eye 79
favorite 1
comment 0
Muruga ,Skanda Shasti vrata
Topic: Lord Muruga
Community Texts
eye 12,657
favorite 13
comment 2
Mantra Maharnava in Sanskrit, published by Khemraj in 1924. Visit for more Sanskrit e-books.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 2 reviews )
Topics: mantra, mantra maharnava, mantramaharnava, tantra, upasana, hinduism, tantra, mantramaharnava,...
Community Texts
by Manu
eye 6,192
favorite 13
comment 3
Title: Manava Dharma Shastra (Manu Samhita/Manu Smriti) with Six Commentaries. Author: Vaivasvata Manu. Commentators: (1) Medhatithi (2) Sarvajnanarayana (3) Kulluka Bhatta (4) Raghavananda (5) Nandana (6) Ramachandra Language: Sanskrit. Appendices by: Shri Vishwanath Narayan Mandlik. Printed by: Atmaram Kanoba at Ganpat Krishnaji's Press, Bombay. Year of Printing: 1886 A.D. Indexed and Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 05 July 2013.
favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite ( 3 reviews )
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, manu, manava, dharm, dharma, smrti, smriti, sastra, shastra, shaastra, six,...
Community Texts
eye 359
favorite 1
comment 0
Naga Dharma- The Serpent Worship - The first religion of India. By J.S.F. Mackenzie Maissur Commission.
Topics: Naga Dharma- The Serpent Worship - The first religion of India. By J.S.F. Mackenzie Maissur...
Community Texts
eye 519
favorite 1
comment 0
Name: Nama Mahatmya from the Padma Purana Details: From the 2nd (Svarga) Khanda. Edited/Translated by: Pandit Sriram Sharma Acharya Published by: Samskriti Sansthan, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India. Year of Publishing: 1969. Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 01 October 2013.
Topics: nam, nama, naam, naama, aparadh, aparadha, padma, puran, puraan, purana, srila, bhaktivinode,...
Community Texts
by dr.shriniwas kashalikar,dr.suhas mhetre
eye 277
favorite 1
comment 0
that NAMASMARAN is like water. We realize its importance only if we drink it; not merely if we read and discuss about it! It is also like food. In absence of eating; the discussion on food is futile! In fact; NAMASMARAN is even more important!  It is like oxygen. We realize the value of oxygen only if we breathe it; not by mere discussion.
Topics: drkashalikar, stress, superliving, namasmaran, holistic health
Community Texts
by Srila Vyasadeva
eye 2,518
favorite 5
comment 0
Sri Narada-Pancaratra is a Vaisnava literature that was compiled by Srila Vyasadeva. It deals with five branches of transcendental knowledge and was spoken by Lord Siva to the great sage Narada. Another name of this literature is Jnanamritasara. The five types of knowledge descibed in this book are; knowledge of the Absolute Truth, knowledge of liberation. knowledge of devotional sevice. knowledge of mystic yoga, and knowledge in the mode of ignorance.
Topics: Narada, Siva, Vaisnavism, Krishna
Community Texts
by from puranas,compiled by pitchumani,Vedic astrologer
eye 55
favorite 1
comment 0
Topic: Navaratri festival article
Community Texts
by Vyasadeva
eye 1,448
favorite 1
comment 0
Book: Nrsimha Purana Author: Vyasadeva Language: Sanskrit Editor: Uddhavacharya Printed by: Gopal Narayan Company Booksellers, Mumbai Year of Printing: 1889 A.D. Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 07 March 2013
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, nrsimh, nrsimha, narsimh, narsimha, nrsing, nrsinga, narsing, narsinga,...
Community Texts
by Bharat Bhushan
eye 951
favorite 3
comment 0
O Rama, within ourselves, in love. By Bharat Bhushan. 19 April 2013 on the occasion of Ramanavami. A collection of 16 stanzas in English, dedicated to the aspect of love, between the various individuals of the Ramayana. Rama and Sita, Rama and Lakshmana, Rama and Hanuman, Ravana and Shiva, Shiva and Parvati, Kakabhushundi and Garuda, Garuda and Rama as Vishnu, Shiva and Rama, Shiva and Vishnu. Every stanza is random, not in sequence. The manuscript presents rare and little known aspects of...
Topics: Rama, Ramayana, Bharat Bhushan, India, Lakshmana, Ramanavami, Pritvi, Janaki, Sita, Ravana,...
Community Texts
eye 527
favorite 6
comment 0
'Introduction: Taking Experience Seriously' - Jack Hunter 'Experience and Studying the Paranormal' - Charles F. Emmons & Penelope Emmons  'Lord of the Flies: The Phenomenology of a Possession' - Peter Mark Adams 'Recognising the Voice of God' - Tanya M. Luhrmann 'From Sleep Paralysis to Spiritual Experience: An Interview With David Hufford' - John W. Morehead  'The Experiencing Brain' - Charles D. Laughlin 'UFOs and Other Anomalous Phenomena: Connections, Beliefs and Perspectives' - Jose...
Topics: Experience, Phenomenology, Anthropology, Parapsychology, Paranormal, Religion, Spiritual...
Community Texts
by Narayanacarya
eye 1,800
favorite 2
comment 0
The epic "Sri Raghavendra Vijayam" is a poetical masterpiece composed by Sri Narayanacharya, the poorvashrama nephew of Sri Raghavendra, wherein the author has dealt with the illustrious biography of that greatest saint of India and his noble feats. The poet has also rendered beautiful descriptions of the nature, the rivers, the Ruthus and also of many sacred places, in this epic.
Topic: Raghavendra
Community Texts
by Subhajit Ganguly
eye 1,056
favorite 1
comment 0
Around 45 odd signs out of the total number of Harappan signs found make up almost 100 percent of the inscriptions, in some form or other, as said earlier. Out of these 45 signs, around 40 are readily distinguishable. These form an almost exclusive and unique set. The primary signs are seen to have many variants, as in Brahmi. Many of these provide us with quite a vivid picture of their evolution, depending upon the factors of time, place and usefulness. Even minor adjustments in such signs,...
Topics: Script, brahmi, harappa, mohenjodaro, evolution of script, a study of the indus valley script,...
Community Texts
by Rajanikant Chandwadkar (
eye 8,517
favorite 2
comment 0
Android phone users can now listen to this audiobook on the go without having to download audio files. An app has been developed and is available on Google Play Store for free. Just search for 'Shiva Gita audiobook'. DOWNLOAD TODAY!! Get it on Google Play ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Listen or Download Shiva Gita audiobook here - Shiva Gita...
Topics: Shiva Gita text, Shiva Gita ebook, Shiva Geeta, Siva Gita, Siva Geeta, Siva Githa, Siva Geetha,...
Community Texts
by Commented upon by Sri Mahidhara
eye 3,663
favorite 7
comment 0
Text: Shukla Yajurveda (Vajasneya Samhita) with One Commentary. Language: Sanskrit Commentator: Mahidhara Researched by: Dr. Albert Weber (in 1852) Republished by: Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office, Varanasi. Year of Republishing: 1972. Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 10 August 2013. Note: The commentary for 'na tasya pratimA asti' can be found on page 910 of the PDF.
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, shukl, shukla, yajur, yajuh, ved, veda, yajurved, yajurveda, vajasneya,...
Community Texts
by Shri Vaidyanath Dixit
eye 1,830
favorite 1
comment 0
Title: Smriti Mukta Phalam (in 5 Volumes). Compiler: Shri Vaidyanath Dixit. Language: Sanskrit. Editor: J.R. Gharpure. Printed at: Aryabhushan Press, Pune. Year of Printing: 1937AD - 1940AD. Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD) on 06 July 2013.
Topics: sri, shri, sree, shree, smrti, smrtee, smriti, smritee, mukta, muktaa, falam, fal, fala, phal,...
Community Texts
by Sri Abhinava Gupta.
eye 8,784
favorite 16
comment 0
Book: Tantraloka (All Volumes) with a Commentary. Volumes: 01 - 12 (Complete Set) Author: Shri Abhinava Gupta. Commentator: Shri Rajanaka Jayaratha. Edited with Notes by: Pandit Mukunda Ram Shastri and Pandit Madhusudan Kaul Shastri. Language: Sanskrit. Philosophy: Kashmir Shaivism. Compiled from: Various Sources. Published in: Jammu and Kashmir (under the patronage of Maharaja Harisingh) Years of Printing: 1918 - 1938 A.D. Uploaded by: Hari Parshad Das (HPD)
Topics: sri, shri, tantra, alok, aloka, aalok, aaloka, tantralok, tantraloka, tantraalok, tantraaloka,...
Community Texts
by Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
eye 716
favorite 1
comment 0 Tilakam is a dot or stripes on the forehead. It is sectarian. It could be red, black...See the photos.
Topics: Vibhuti, Namam, Tilakam, பொட்டு
Community Texts
by Veeraswamy Krishnaraj
eye 337
favorite 1
comment 0
Kripanantha Variar is a well-known and loved devotee of Siva, Ganesa and Murugan. Tirumantiram says, “Siva is the Intelligence that abides as Sivam.” The divine poet says, “The Intelligent have all.” Intellect is deep, expansive and subtle. God is called the Deep, the Expansive and the Subtle. That is what Mani Vasakanar says. Intellect abides in the deep. Having Intellect is having bliss. The surface of the ocean have waves. Below the surface, are the fish. Still further down below the...
Topics: Nishkama service to this world, god's grace, Inner Vision, Mantras, tranquility, White Light and...
Community Texts
by Downloaded article,by k.Pitchumani
eye 18,074
favorite 2
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Veerabramendra swamy avatar Story
Topics: Kalagnanam, Sri Vishnu Avatar Story